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Landlords be ready - buy Brian Kerr's landlording books

As a landlord you never know what is around the corner. You can be ready for any eventuality if you have Brian Kerr’s books as your ready reference. Now is the time to purchase at sale prices. 

Brian is a successful landlord himself and has seen the very best and the very worst of landlording during the 15 years he worked as a Tenancy Mediator.  Commenting on the first book Complete Guide to Landlording in New Zealand, The Dominion Post said “The book is full of advice, up-to-date legal information and what Kerr calls landlord wisdom – knowledge gained from experience”.   The NZ Property Investor commented “It would come as a shock if there was any issue that a Kiwi landlord could face that wasn’t somehow covered in this book.”

Since the first book Brian has published The Residential Tenancies Act and The Complete Landlord – forms. On sale on his website  the full set of three books becomes an invaluable resource. “It is one of the few property investment books to be written after the 2010 amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act came into effect, making it completely up to date”. (Sunday Star Times).

Go here , buy now and be ready for whatever the New Year will bring.

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