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Archive: November 2015

Resource legislation introduced to Parliament

The Government introduced to Parliament today its substantive Bill overhauling the Resource Management Act (RMA) to support business growth and housing development while also ensuring more effective environmental management, Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith has announced.
26-11-2015 more >>

Change the word "Member" to something more inclusive

The label "Member" is used on all panels describing an individual person. Often the label is misleading/confusing and should be changed to something else.
23-11-2015 more >>

Allow replies to enquiries from PIMMS

Allow replies to be sent from PIMMS and allow their replies to be received by PIMMS and imported from the mail account.
23-11-2015 more >>

Make field names more descriptive in Download Manager

Currently there can be confusion between Association "name" and Membership "name". The field names need to be expanded to make that clearer.
23-11-2015 more >>

Add filtering to the Emails list

Currently the filtering is only available for text entered into the filter list. There is a request to be able to exclude those that aren't current - leaving welcome emails, invoices and the latest newsletters.
23-11-2015 more >>

Schedule emails for sending later

Add the ability to schedule a newsletter etc to be sent at a specific time on a specific date.
23-11-2015 more >>

Selecting recipients - show the names of who is selected

When selecting the recipients of an email or newsletter the selection tool shows the count of how many people have selected. It has been requested that it also show who has been selected.
23-11-2015 more >>

Change the styling of the find a member option buttons

At the moment the tick is confusing and it can be hard to tell which button is pressed
23-11-2015 more >>

Selling Products - have a delivery and billing address

The current setup requires these to be the same and it's not always the case.
23-11-2015 more >>

Print out the welcome letter as well as emailing it

This will allow a copy to be included with any information that is mailed out.
23-11-2015 more >>

Do Not Issue for Overseas Members

Affiliation fees are calculated using the cards issued data. This needs to be changed to payments so that overseas members don't need cards.
23-11-2015 more >>

Have a register now button for free events

Allow local admins to choose the image they want to use to on Event screens to link through to registration.
23-11-2015 more >>

Add a field to event registration for "how did you hear about us"

Add a field to event registration for "how did you hear about us"
23-11-2015 more >>

Register for several events at once

Allow users to register and select more than one event.
23-11-2015 more >>

Free events, change label of the refund policy

Change "refund policy" to "terms and conditions" for free events.
23-11-2015 more >>

Membership Join and Renew forms - ask if the person wants to receive emails

To comply with NZ spam laws we may need to be asking if people want to continue to receive our emails.
23-11-2015 more >>

Downloads - select payment processed between dates

The current system only allows selection on the current day, change to select between a range.
23-11-2015 more >>

Join and Renew forms need a partners email field

The form should be reworked to let the user select the membership type and then display the requested fields. Memberships types have a maximum number of people so for "Individual" could omit the partners fields altogether.
23-11-2015 more >>

Rename the Calls panel to "Correspondence"

to more accurately describe the contents.
23-11-2015 more >>

Layout changes to the Fees and Registrations view form

There are times when local admins click the wrong link because they are close together.
23-11-2015 more >>

Registrations - make the matching of individuals smarter

When there are more people on a membership than are allowed by the membership type selected then there should be smarter options to click for the "match".
23-11-2015 more >>

Add defaults for the Event fields

This could either be an easy way to clone a previous event or fields added to the Association as defaults. This will mean that information that doesn't change is automatically entered.
23-11-2015 more >>

The information that is sent to the magazine needs to change

Currently the text only includes the intro but needs to include the event title.
23-11-2015 more >>

Expressions of interest taken from Community Housing Providers

Ministers Bill English and Paula Bennett are pleased to announce the Government is now taking Expressions of Interest from Community Housing Providers (CHPs) to transfer social housing in Invercargill and Tauranga.
20-11-2015 more >>

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