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LVR limits have limited impact: Westpac

Macroprudential tools, such as loan-to-value restrictions, have modest effects that tend to be short-lived, Westpac economist Michael Gordon says.
29-08-2013 more >>

Price growth not exceptional: Barfoot

Barfoot and Thompson says Auckland property price rises over the past ten years are similar to the returns delivered by other forms of investment over the period.
28-08-2013 more >>

ANZ: How low will sales go?

Whether house sales stall in the face of easing mortgage approvals and higher interest rates will be seen over the next few months, ANZ’s economists say.
27-08-2013 more >>

Sunset clauses may burn investors

Investors may lose money unless a legal loophole is closed, a property expert says. The loophole allows property developers to exercise a "sunset clause" in property purchase agreements where the agreement is entered before the property’s construction has been completed.
26-08-2013 more >>

Alexander: Rules will push up regional house prices

Loan-to-value restrictions may boost other parts of the New Zealand property market as buyers turn their attention away from Auckland, says BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander.
22-08-2013 more >>

Property lending restrictions

The New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation believe there are good and bad points about the Reserve Banks restrictions on low equity loans.
21-08-2013 more >>

Cash sales declining: Property IQ

New Zealand's rate of cash sales does not indicate any increasing presence of foreign buyers in the market, Property IQ says. The firm of property analysts said it wanted to tackle the question of how many buyers were from overseas, in response to anecdotal information about people paying over the odds, particularly for Auckland property.
21-08-2013 more >>

LVR restrictions announced

The Reserve Bank says that from October 1 banks will not be allowed to write more than 10% of their loans above the 80% LVR mark. Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler today announced that from 1 October banks will be subject to restrictions on high loan-to-value ratio (LVR) housing mortgage loans.
20-08-2013 more >>

Kiwibank to push investors back in queue

Kiwibank says it will give priority to first-home buyers with small deposits, over investors in the same position. Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler announced today that from October 1, banks will only be able to have 10% of their lending to borrowers with equity of less than 20%.
20-08-2013 more >>

Kiwibank offers energy use check-up

Kiwibank is offering to tell Christchurch buyers how well their homes use energy. It is offering free “energy audits” for people who take out new Kiwibank home loans.Canterbury Growth General Manager Tracey Berry said the bank was working with Community Energy Action to offer the service as a contribution to the rebuild in Canterbury after the earthquakes.
19-08-2013 more >>

'Cycle may only be half-way through'

Concerns about rising house prices are exaggerated, says Property IQ spokesman Jonno Ingerson. He spoke at the Bankers Association yesterday, where he said price growth of 13% year-on-year in Auckland was muchless than had been seen in previous property booms.
16-08-2013 more >>

Property investors to blame for price increases?

Property Investors have long been blamed for property price increases and making it harder for first home buyers to achieve their first home.
15-08-2013 more >>

Private option for listings

A new property marketing tool is being pitched at vendors who want to control who can see their listings. Open2view.com’s “private viewing” option allows agents and vendors to use all the normal services but provides extra discretion for those who want to control who can – and cannot – see their listing.
15-08-2013 more >>

First-home buyers rush in

First-home buyers are scrambling to get in before LVR restrictions kick in, one broker says. It is believed that the Reserve Bank will introduce a “speed limit” on the amount of low-deposit lending banks do, probably at the end of September.
13-08-2013 more >>

Panel of experts

Send your questions to us at admin@tpia.org.nz before the evening to have them answered by a panel of experts. Whether you have specific questions relating to accounting, law, banking, real estate etc... you will find someone who knows or will find the answer.
12-08-2013 more >>

House price expectations up

More than half of people expect house prices to continue to rise over the next year, a new survey shows.
12-08-2013 more >>

House price expectations up

More than half of people expect house prices to continue to rise over the next year, a new survey shows. The ASB Housing Confidence Survey reports that a net 56% of respondents expected prices to rise over the next 12 months.
12-08-2013 more >>

First-home buyers try to beat restrictions: REINZ

First-home buyers are moving quickly to secure properties before loan-to-value restrictions kick in, the Real Estate Institute says. Its latest data shows that there were 6777 residential property sales in July, up 14.7% on the same time last year and more than 10% higher than in June.
12-08-2013 more >>

Changes to KiwiSaver subsidy, Welcome Home Loans announced

Higher-income borrowers will be able to access the KiwiSaver subsidy and Welcome Home Loans under changes announced today by the Government – but they will have to stump up more of a deposit.
11-08-2013 more >>

More RMA reforms planned

Environment Minister Amy Adams has unveiled the next phase of the Government’s plan to revamp the resource management system, designed to speed up consent times and reduce costs.
10-08-2013 more >>

Quick auctions not in vendor's interests: Helm

A property sold at auction this week, less than two days after it was listed online. Property commentator Alistair Helm said he was speechless at the move.
09-08-2013 more >>

Prices growing, but more slowly: QV

Property prices continued to rise last month, QV statistics show, but there are some signs that the pace may be slowing – possibly because banks are preparing for loan-to-value restrictions.
08-08-2013 more >>

Investors less keen to buy Crockers

A lack of listings and high prices may be putting people off investing in the Auckland market.
07-08-2013 more >>

Auctions frustrating buyers

t's not just first-hone buyers frustrated by the prevalence of auctions in the Auckland market, says Auckland Property Investors Association president David Whitburn.
07-08-2013 more >>

Investors less keen to buy - Crockers

A lack of listings and high prices may be putting people off investing in the Auckland market.
07-08-2013 more >>

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