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  • Dunn: No tax to pay
    Martin Dunn says he has been advised that returns from the sale of houses bought by his new investment company will not be taxable. That's despite the fact that the houses have been bought with the expressed intention of eventual sale.
    12-02-2014 more >>
  • Owner-occupiers snapping up apartments
    There has been a clear move towards owner-occupied apartments in Auckland, says Martin Dunn, of City Sales. The apartment-specialist real estate agency has been operating for 16 years. Dunn said its apartment sales had traditionally been split at 30% to owner-occupiers and 70% to investors. But in October, November, December, that had changed to 37%, 48% and 44% owner-occupiers, respectively.
    23-01-2014 more >>
  • Apartments popular with first-timers
    City apartments are finding favour with investors again, and Auckland looks to be on the cusp of another building boom.
    31-10-2013 more >>
  • Leasehold apartments selling at bargain rates
    Leasehold concerns are behind discount sales of Auckland apartments, according to real estate salespeople. It was reported today that a three-bedroom penthouse apartment on leasehold land on the waterfront of the Auckland CBD was sold of $330,000 – roughly half its CV of $625,000.
    28-09-2012 more >>
  • Auckland central: Money in metropolis
    After a tumultuous few years, the Auckland central business district apartment market is finally regaining lost ground. Vicki Holder explores the concrete jungle for investment potential.
    08-04-2010 more >>

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