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Ray Buckley, Managing Director of Coast Central Contracting Ltd; has been involved in Asbestos removal for 26 years initially starting out at the coalface removing Asbestos pipe lagging and boilers from hospitals throughout the North Island for Forman Insulation Ltd.

Employment by Industrial Insulation Ltd, Tauranga; led to a management role of the Asbestos removal division. A couple of years later I was able to purchase the Asbestos removal assets and started up Coast Central Contracting in 2007.

We have undertaken many projects throughout New Zealand including remediation work, notably the Godley Head Reserve Gun Battery site near Christchurch in 2008 for the Dept of Conservation. This work involved interior and exterior Asbestos removal from four large buildings and the remediation of 52 Asbestos contaminated sites where remnants of army buildings or gun batteries were located.

At exactly the same time in 2008, we won another contract to remove the Asbestos pipe lagging and replace with Armour flex pipe sections throughout the populated 5 storey Hinepare Hostel in Napier for the Office of Treaty Settlements. 3 years ago we branched out somewhat to include applications of membrane and intumescent coatings to our repertoire, although this has now been put on the back-burner with half of our staff stationed in Christchurch and involved in the Canterbury Re-build undertaking Asbestos Removal for Fletcher EQR.

Our promo catch cry of “Coast Central Countrywide” again rings true!


After hearing from a number of sources of the property investment opportunities that existed in the USA, Lindsay Richards decided to stop procrastinating and join a buying tour being promoted by a New Zealander.  Lindsay found that yes there were big differences to the real estate buying structures compared to New Zealand, and this is the land of `think big’.  On going into a joint venture on a substantial property with the tour promoter, some fishhooks started to appear, then some more, and then the playing field changed.  The latest news is the promoter is coming up for trial on seventeen fraud related charges.  Be there on the 12th to hear Lindsay’s story!


Lindsay buys a property ‘steal’ with a suspected ‘P’ lab that had been on the site.  This is a first hand account of the hoops one has to jump through to get a clean bill of health.

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