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September '09 Issue

This month, ANZ's annual property investors' survey is released. In an exclusive, the NZ Property Investor examines the results, looks at what property investors are doing now and gives you the five new investing rules for future success.

We meet this year's Landlord of the Year winner, Rotorua-based Debbie Van Den Broek and chat tenants, inspections and future plans

In our profile this issue, Jodi Cottle has been in almost every situation investors can find themselves in, from leaky homes to nearing bankruptcy on a development. But this gutsy 26-year-old is back on the horse with big plans for the future.

In the second instalment of our new affordable homes series, Vicki Holder explores the benefits and things to be wary of when investing in a new-build, compared to investing in existing, older properties

There has been a lot of speculation around REINZ's new sale and purchase agreement, with many dire warnings coming from those who have seen it for investors to stay away. we investigate what's the real deal?

In the beginning of a bi-monthly series answering the most commonly asked renovation questions by investors, Jane Eyles-Bennett answers: how much should you spend on renovating your investment properties?

There are many different materials for insulating your properties, so what are the differences and similarities, benefits and downsides? Vicki Holder goes fluffing around to find out.

And a mag wouldn't be complete without guidance from the guru, Michael Yardney. In September he explains why investors must not follow the pack and throws down the challenge - are you a lion or lamb?

Also in the September 2009 issue:

  • News: Auckland rentals soften in July; P-lab disclosure sparks debate; Launch of new protection scheme
  • Diary: What's on for property investors this month? Find out where the hottest events are happening around the country.
  • Housing commentary: Housing sentiment is on the rise, but does it match up with housing data? Jenny Ruth explains the differing information currently available and what it means for the market and investors
  • Ask an expert: Our experts this month, answer your tax structuring, landlording, and mortgage questions. This issue we ask when can you increase rent on a fixed-term tenancy and is a verbal agreement binding?
  • Columns:
    • Accounting: Mark Withers looks at how to avoid GST headaches in relation to serviced apartments, holiday homes and home-stays
    • Mortgages: Is your portfolio protected? Jonathan Michell highlights must-have insurance for investors to shield their assets and families from the unexpected.
    • Economics: Khoon Goh warns investors to take their time; the market hasn't recovered as much as some would have you believe.
    • Landscaping: Darryl Pierce explains how to grow your properties' values through simple gardening techniques
  • NZPIF: News and events from around the regions, plus photos from the NZPIF conference held in August
  • Regional review: Auckland's North Shore offers an attractive lifestyle, but what does it offer investors? Diana Clement looks into the pros and cons of investing on the shore
  • Toolbox: There are two new listing services available for vacant properties. We check out what GetRented.co.nz and GetLeased.co.nz offer investors
  • Mortgage commentary: After the recent lull in movement, mortgage rates have been
    active since the last OCR cut
  • Property game: The NZ Investment Game. Let loose your inner investment tycoon with Frank Newman's new generation board game, a fun way to increase your investment IQ without risking your own cash
  • And much more!

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