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Timing of OCR increases under discussion

The decision to leave the official cash rate at 3% today came as no surprise. The interesting part of the statement from Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard was his comments around monetary policy tightening, in other words, when will the OCR and home loan rates start rising.
28-10-2010 more >>

Immigration increase good for house prices

A rise in immigration numbers in September is seen as a good sign for the housing market.
22-10-2010 more >>

Rent increases will keep us in the game: King

Many landlords are facing the dilemma of whether or not to increase rents. An industry expert says now is the time to raise them.
21-10-2010 more >>

Property investors got off lightly: Heatley

Housing minister Phil Heatley told property investors they got off lightly in this year’s Budget.
20-10-2010 more >>

ComCom to tackle dodgy bids in construction sector

The Commerce Commission is to launch an education campaign to target anti-competitive practices construction sector, after research found non-residential builders in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington engaging in "cover pricing".
19-10-2010 more >>

Property investors learn new LAQC rules

Changing to a look-through company is one of the alternatives for investors under new proposed tax rules.
17-10-2010 more >>

Pick-up in residential property market expected next year

Fletcher Building expects the residential property market to pick-up next year when rebuilding begins in Canterbury and the government's response to ‘leaky homes' comes into effect.
15-10-2010 more >>

Economists give their views on house prices

REINZ released its latest data on the housing market today. Here we summarise what three economists think is happening in the housing market.
14-10-2010 more >>

Avoid tenant issues by knowing the law: DBH

Property investors are being encouraged to get up-to-speed with changes to the Residential Tenancies Act if they haven't already.
14-10-2010 more >>

REINZ residential highlights - September 2010

House sales in Canterbury/Westland were dramatically affected by the September earthquake. Find out how other regions fared in September as well.
14-10-2010 more >>

House sales ease up slightly

The residential housing market remained relatively steady in September, although sales showed a slight improvement from the previous month, according to the Real Estate Institute (REINZ).
14-10-2010 more >>

Clarifying changes to qualifying company rules

Withers Tsang property tax specialist Mark Withers says Monday's release from Revenue Minister Peter Dunne was ambiguous and confusing, as it appeared the government was planning to ring fence losses within qualifying companies.
13-10-2010 more >>

Investors need to review company structures

Changes to qualifying company regimes are definitely on their way - despite details still pending - which means investors need to thoroughly review their structures.
12-10-2010 more >>

LAQC changes to be announced

The Government will be introducing new rules preventing loss attributing qualifying companies (LAQCs) from passing losses on to their shareholders said Minister of Revenue, Peter Dunne today.
11-10-2010 more >>

Mortgagee sales up again

The latest mortgagee sales figures show embattled homeowners are continuing to lose homes at rates unthinkable before the recession.
10-10-2010 more >>

Canterbury market returning to normal: QV

The majority of the Canterbury housing market appears to be returning to normal after the September 4 earthquake, according to QV.
07-10-2010 more >>

Auckland values remain stable

QV's Residential Price Index for September shows that property values in the Auckland region are relatively stable, having dropped by only 0.9% since March this year. In contrast, values increased by 5.3% in the seven months up to March.
07-10-2010 more >>

Spring no saviour for Auckland house sales: Barfoot

Auckland house sales failed to blossom in September's sunnier weather, with fewer than 700 sales for the fourth straight month, although prices rebounded after falling a month earlier.
05-10-2010 more >>

Home building passes low point

Home building construction looks to have passed the cycle's low point and fundamentals for an upswing for the remainder of 2010 and 2011 are still in place, according to the Department of Building and Housing.
04-10-2010 more >>

Generation Homes - better by the year

Successful property investment portfolios improve with age… as long as the assets in that portfolio are well situated and soundly constructed in the first place. It’s for these reasons that Generation Homes house and land packages perform so profitably in the domestic rental market.
01-10-2010 more >>

Rents rising but landlords need to be careful

Rents are on the rise nationally, says auction site TradeMe, as the supply of rental properties continues to decline and residential property investors chase cash flow rather than capital gains.
01-10-2010 more >>

October '10 Issue

Shaken to the Core How the earthquake will affect the housing market and what that means for both current and future investors in the city. Will prices in Christchurch drop to their knees, or will they be pushed up due to heightened demand, as people look for replacement houses?
01-10-2010 more >>

What's on offer for landlords with SmartBond?

How often have you heard it said (or said it yourself) that... “4 weeks’ bond just isn’t enough” or “ the legislation is too light” or “the bond system is geared towards tenants”. SmartBond is the perfect solution.
30-09-2010 more >>

Offer by Conference sponsor Scott Family Winemakers to property investors.

Scott Family Winemakers is a major sponsor of the 2010 NZPIF Conference. An offer of a selection of their wines is being made to Conference delegates and to other property investors.
30-09-2010 more >>

Quake helps property managers and vacancy levels

The earthquake in Canterbury has been good for vacancy levels in the Christchurch rental market. "Vacancies are as low as they have ever been," Harcourts chief executive Hayden Duncan says.
28-09-2010 more >>

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