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Archive: April 2007

IRD Associated Persons – Rule Change

The IRD are planning changes to associated persons rules that would apply to developers and associated parties [and not to people who just own rental property].
30-04-2007 more >>

More Brits eyeing up NZ property market

New survey by British currency transfer specialist HiFix found that 5% of Britons looking to buy overseas were choosing New Zealand, making it the fifth most popular destination.
29-04-2007 more >>

More commission cuts likely

ANZ's discussion document proposing to cut upfront commissions paid to mortgage brokers won't be the last.
27-04-2007 more >>

Don't buy coffee and cars if you want a house

Following a report on falling rates of home ownership, Andrew King, Vice President of the NZ Property Investors' Federation, said people on $70,000 a year had to look at their other spending if they can't buy a house.
24-04-2007 more >>

Rent control doesn't help the poor

Mary Holm confirms that rent control is one of those nice ideas that does more harm than good.
23-04-2007 more >>

Competitive pressure amongst banks eases

The difficulty of picking where interest rates are headed has been thrown into sharp relief for people refixing shorter term finance at the moment or in the near future.
20-04-2007 more >>

Otago PIA President highlights changes

Cliff Seque, President of the Otago PIA, outlines the proposal for a house energy rating scheme similar to the star rating on major home appliances and highlights a raft of proposed tax measures.
16-04-2007 more >>

Interest rates keep on rising

Most lenders have now re-priced their mortgage ranges in response to the latest increases to the cost of their funding but some are fine-tuning and others are still catching up.
13-04-2007 more >>

Rents to rise as housing boom dies

James Weir reports that rents are expected to rise 6% a year for the next five years, but high interest rates have killed the house price boom after a five year run.
12-04-2007 more >>

Myth of tax bonanza for rental investors

Articles on home ownership this week put the blame for rising house prices on property investors. However, there is a considerable amount of misinformation and misunderstanding that has led the writers to their conclusions, says Andrew King
05-04-2007 more >>

Floating rates crack 10%

Floating rate mortgages have, as predicted, broken the 10% barrier following the latest rise in the Official Cash Rate (OCR) to 7.75%.
05-04-2007 more >>

Biggest Energy Efficiency Steps In 30 Years

New insulation requirements and moves to make it easier and cheaper to install solar water heating systems are part of major changes to the Building Code and Building Compliance Documents announced today by Prime Minister Helen Clark and Building and Construction Minister Clayton Cosgrove.
05-04-2007 more >>

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