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Annual AGM

Jun 8, 2020 - 7pm

  Zoom meeting

Due to covid 19 our monthly meeting and AGM will be held online via Zoom. The Zoom registration details together with the AGM documents will follow in a separate invitation email.
Matthew Holdich from ANZ will be our guest speaker. He will cover such matters as:
1. What are the economic impacts of the current crisis?
2. How might the crisis affect the property market?
3. What will happen to house prices?
4. What is the RBNZ doing to help? Will it work?
5. Is it a good opportunity for first home buyers?
6. What is the Government doing to help the economy? Will it work?
7. What is the outlook for migration?
8. Does New Zealand have a housing shortage?
9. What regions are most vulnerable to house price falls?
10. How do banks fit into all of this?

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