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  • July meeting
    As a result of the COVID 19 limitations details of our July meeting to follow.
    13-07-2020 more >>
  • Annual AGM
    Due to covid 19 our monthly meeting and AGM will be held online via Zoom. The Zoom registration details together with the AGM documents will follow in a separate invitation email. Matthew Holdich from ANZ will be our guest speaker. He will cover such matters as: 1. What are the economic impacts of the current crisis? 2. How might the crisis affect the property market? 3. What will happen to house prices? 4. What is the RBNZ doing to help? Will it work? 5. Is it a good opportunity for first home buyers? 6. What is the Government doing to help the economy? Will it work? 7. What is the outlook for migration? 8. Does New Zealand have a housing shortage? 9. What regions are most vulnerable to house price falls? 10. How do banks fit into all of this?
    08-06-2020 more >>
  • ASB Housing Confidence Survey - three months to April 2020
    Confidence in rising house prices whipsawed by COVID-19. Perceptions of whether it’s a good time to buy also decline as households batten down the hatches. Interest rate expectations flick back to lower for longer.
    27-05-2020 more >>
  • Online market update from our Gold sponsors
    Online market update from our Gold sponsors
    11-05-2020 more >>
  • Delay ring-fencing laws and help 300,000 Kiwis
    “Delaying this law until the 2021/22 year would help the 300,000 rental property owners who are expected to cushion their tenants financially without Government assistance during this Covid 19 lockdown says Sharon Cullwick, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF).
    20-04-2020 more >>
  • Cancelled

    06-04-2020 more >>
  • NZPIF is keen to know how Covid-19 is affecting rental property owners
    Help us to find out what is actually happening for rental property providers by participating in our survey. It is very short and should only take a few minutes. You can complete it by clicking on the link below.
    02-04-2020 more >>
  • Letter from the Hon Dr Megan Woods and a document of Q&A
    This letter was written and circulated to all property stakeholders on March 27
    28-03-2020 more >>
  • Covid-19 urgent legislation. This relates to rent freeze and tenancy changes
    On Monday 23 March the Prime Minister announced that we will be freezing residential rent increases and providing greater protections for tenants against having their tenancies terminated.
    26-03-2020 more >>
  • ASB Housing Confidence survey January 2020
    Housing confidence is to be tested.
    12-03-2020 more >>
  • Main speaker will Sunvil Ahsan along with Mike Greer Homes Introduction and opportunities for investment
    Join us for our March meeting where we have an inspiring investor story from Sunvi Ahsan. Originally a mechatronics engineer he worked for 10 years before deciding to call it quits and work for himself doing what he enjoys. At present Sunvi is doing joint ventures with 2 others to renovate homes, he is also doing some property trades & small scale development as well as being involved with various charity organisations. Sunvi believes it is important we understand our purpose of existence and minimum needs to be satisfied which should equate to self satisfaction and happiness in life. An interesting mix for a property investor. The evening sponsor tonight will be Darryl Smith of Mike Greer Homes. He will give an introduction and overview of Mike Greer Homes and the Developments they have underway together with opportunities for Investment. More information and details of main speaker to follow.
    09-03-2020 more >>
  • REINZ and NZ Property Investors Federation join forces on proposed RTA changes
    The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) and the New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation have today announced that they are joining forces to challenge some of the proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) which were announced by the government at the end of 2019.
    16-02-2020 more >>
    We have been superceded by the National Party caucus at our venue this coming Monday evening. The Bowling Club was double booked and we have had difficulty finding another venue at such short notice. Given this and the Waitangi Day and weekend getaways, we have slated our guest speaker to March. We have reserved about 20 seats at Macau in the patio area from 5:30pm to 7:00pm Monday evening for an informal mingle and catchup for anyone who wants to chat about new trust law changes, healthy home standards, or just investment topics in general. Macau's happy hour is until 6pm, so we get the last 30 minutes. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but these circumstances are beyond our control.
    10-02-2020 more >>
  • Christmas dinner
    This year our Christmas function will be held at the Nautilus restaurant, 50B Cross Road, Tauranga with a buffet style dinner. Watch your inboxes for more information.
    09-12-2019 more >>
  • Student accommodation
    Cliff Seque will discuss the ins and outs of student accommodation together with his personal experience and stories.
    11-11-2019 more >>
  • AirBnB
    Have you considered holiday rentals as an option, but not sure where to start? Come along to our October meeting where we answer all those questions and give you a run-down of the options available, courtesy of BachCare. Holiday rentals are not for everyone, however they can offer the opportunity to generate higher yields than traditional fixed term or periodic rentals. Hear from the holiday rental experts in what is a growing opportunity for property investors.
    14-10-2019 more >>
  • The future of Tauranga
    Join us on Monday September 9th to hear Tenby Powell outline his vision for the future of Tauranga. Tenby who is in the running for the Tauranga Mayoralty has vast experience which spans the private business sector, Government Entities, Not-For Profit and the Military. Come along for an entertaining and eye opening presentation.
    09-09-2019 more >>
  • Got a burning question to ask about property investing?
    Tonight we bring back the Open Space format in which our audience sets the agenda. We will cover current "hot topics" and many of those unanswered questions about property investing. Don't miss out on a chance to ask questions, meet other like minded investors and benefit from the experience and expertise in the room. Always a popular night. Members complimentary and guests $40 payable on the door.
    12-08-2019 more >>
  • Nick Gentle
    Nick is a fellow Property Investor and co-owner of Investment Property Buyer's Agency iFindProperty. In the last 4 years, Nick has built up a portfolio that generates 6-figures in passive income. He did this in a city that he visits 2-3x per year, mostly after the boom and LVR restraints had arrived and while spending more than half of each year overseas (his wife runs a business in Japan). Nick will share lessons he learned along his journey. Topics: 1. How to invest where you are not and do it well 2. How to use constraints to you advantage 3. Why Labour-driven changes are not "the end" of property and will create opportunities for folks 4. Student / Young person flat investing (his own strategy) and how it is different from other markets 5. Some general strategic ideas when setting out to build a portfolio so you don't get stuck 6. Q&A Join us for a very informative night!
    08-07-2019 more >>
  • Period between property inspections increased from 3 -4 monthly by Initio - an exclusive member-only benefit
    The New Zealand Property Investors Federation is pleased to announce that our insurance partner, Initio, has added an exclusive member-only benefit that increases the required property inspection period from 3 monthly to 4 monthly.
    08-07-2019 more >>
  • Noel Leeming deal for NZPIF members to keep you safe and smart
    From 9 -22 July you can purchase all smart home, smart security and smart light products for cost +5%
    07-07-2019 more >>
  • The Official Cash Rate (OCR) remains at 1.75 percent.
    The Reserve Bank Governor said that given the weaker global economic outlook and the risk of ongoing subdued domestic growth, a lower OCR may be needed over time to continue to meet our objectives.
    26-06-2019 more >>
  • A complete plants package - without a hefty price tag
    Landscaping supplies can cost you an arm, and a leg as well as your patience. Adding up the price of plants, the time deciding which plants are right for the environment, not to mention the to-ing and fro-ing, loading and off-loading – well, it can leave more than your budget broken. So, we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered there’s something like flat pack furniture, but for the outdoors. In short, it’s a complete (and affordable) plants package that provides you with what you need to create an entire garden, including plants, shrubbery, flowers and trees.
    20-06-2019 more >>
  • Annual AGM
    Please join us for our AGM followed by guest speaker, Matthew Holdich, Head of Mortgages for ANZ. Matthew will be providing us with some upcoming insight into the banking industrys perspective on the housing market, rates, pricing, and future forecast
    10-06-2019 more >>
  • Proposed CGT impacted on housing views in three months to April
    The latest ASB Housing Confidence report shows there was an impact on housing views from the proposed capital gains tax,
    27-05-2019 more >>

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