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  • Stiffer penalties for landlords
    The Government is seeking to introduce policies intended to encourage our industry to smarten up its act. The two key proposals are increasing the consequences of retaliatory action and giving Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment greater powers to prosecute landlords who provide substandard rental property. Another concerns changes to breaching a work order.
    20-07-2015 more >>
  • Minimum standards for rental properties
    The Government has now introduced the expected Minimum Standards for Rental Properties legislative proposal.
    15-07-2015 more >>
  • Tenancy law changes to include insulation and smoke alarm requirements
    The Residential Tenancies Act is to be strengthened with new requirements for insulation, smoke alarms, better enforcement and faster resolution of abandoned tenancies, Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith announced today
    09-07-2015 more >>
  • King's Counsel
    For the new Property Investors Federation president Andrew King, taking on the top job in an election year has given an extra focus to the Federation's role lobbying on behalf of property investors.
    09-05-2011 more >>

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