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  • Interest rates drive prices down: Westpac
    New Zealand’s housing market is firmly in slowdown mode, Westpac’s chief economist says. Dominick Stephens said data from QV and REINZ confirmed the beginning of a trend. He said the fall in sales was most noticeable in the cheaper end of the market and had hit all regions except Queenstown.
    20-02-2014 more >>
  • 'Hike may come sooner than expected'
    Borrowers need to be aware that interest rate rises are on the horizon – and may be closer than some have been predicting, commentators say.
    25-07-2013 more >>
  • Capital gain expectation driving prices: Westpac
    Tenants wanting to own their own homes are pushing house prices up and rents down, Westpac says.
    09-07-2013 more >>
  • Higher borrowing costs coming
    Interest-rate rises are looming, with some pundits picking floating rates to be at 7 per cent by the end of next year.
    07-06-2013 more >>
  • Lower rates may be looming
    Lower mortgage rates could be on the horizon after yesterday’s official cash rate announcement and monetary policy statement, one economist says.
    15-03-2013 more >>
  • Economists surprised by Wheeler's optimistic tone
    Economists have expressed surprised at the optimistic nature of the latest Official Cash Rate announcement.
    31-01-2013 more >>
  • Hint of optimism in OCR announcement
    The decision this morning to leave the official cash rate (OCR) unchanged at 2.5% hasn’t surprised anyone – but the hint of optimism included with the Reserve Bank governor’s statement has.
    25-10-2012 more >>
  • RBNZ targets house prices
    The new Reserve Bank Governor must increase the OCR if house prices rise rapidly, even if inflation is on target. Finance Minister Bill English and RBNZ Governor-Designate Graeme Wheeler signed a new Policy Targets Agreement (PTA) yesterday. The Reserve Bank Act states that the Governor is accountable for maintaining price stability.
    21-09-2012 more >>
  • Rest of country will catch up to Auckland: Westpac
    Auckland may be the runaway real estate market at the moment but New Zealanders shouldn’t expect it to stay that way forever, Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens says.
    10-08-2012 more >>
  • Westpac issues warnings
    Westpac says that if the Official Cash Rate doesn’t rise by July 2013, the country’s housing market could go from warm to “positively frothy”.
    01-08-2012 more >>
  • House prices to rise further but only til mortgage rates rise: Westpac
    House prices are likely to rise further all year but the strength will only last until mortgage rates start rising, according to Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens.
    11-07-2012 more >>
  • Fix mortgages now: Westpac
    Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens says there are only “limited downsides” to fixing a mortgage now.
    25-06-2012 more >>
  • Bollard keeps rates on hold; OCR cut an outside chance
    Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard's latest monetary policy statement suggests mortgage rates aren't going up any time soon although the likelihood they might fall further remains an outside chance.
    14-06-2012 more >>
  • Rise, stall then fall predicted for house prices
    House prices will rise 5% this year before higher interest rates put the brakes on, and the rapid price rises in Auckland and Christchurch will not be repeated elsewhere.
    28-03-2012 more >>
  • Bollard spooks market
    Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard spooked financial markets slightly into thinking he may raise interest rates sooner than they had anticipated although, as expected, he's left rates unchanged for now.
    27-10-2011 more >>
  • Bollard likely to keep interest rates on hold this week
    Continuing turmoil in global financial markets is likely to stay Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard's hand on Thursday but the big question is how long will it keep him on hold.
    12-09-2011 more >>
  • Bollard takes a bob-each-way to OCR review
    Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard took a bob-each-way approach to reviewing interest rates which has left economists and financial markets scratching their heads.
    28-07-2011 more >>

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