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Unovent Home Ventilation Kitsets 25% less until midnight Tuesday 11th December

The 25% price reduction for Unovent® Home Ventilation Kitsets is an exclusive offer for members of Property Investors' Associations affiliated to the NZPIF and is a “Super Special Reduction” not always available. It is for any size kitset (any number of room outlets) and for any quantity of kitsets. This also applies to the Unovent® h-line kitsets designed for rooms without a roof cavity and showing on the Unovent® website.

Take advantage the offer before midnight Tuesday 11 December 2018 by (1) purchasing online using the Coupon Code 1218pia, (2) calling 09 950 4436 or (3) emailing John at john@unovent.co.nz to arrange a special invoice showing the reduction and instructions for payment. More details about Unovent® Home Ventilation kitsets here. Also required for the invoice or during the website online ordering process will be the name and address for delivery. You will need to supply your full 14 digit and up-to-date NZPIF membership number.

This time of the year, many property investors are carrying out maintenance and refurbishment activities and, in some cases, the rental properties are empty. This makes now a good business opportunity to purchase your Unovent kitsets, even if they are sitting waiting for installation later. The opportunity for the savings offered is over a limited time period.

Many property investors have installed Unovent® systems in their investment properties and in their own homes in which they live. Unovent Limited is now offering, exclusive to Property Investors' Association members affiliated to NZPIF, a 25% price reduction for any size kitset (any number of room outlets) and for any quantity of kitsets including the Unovent® h-line systems for rooms without a roof cavity above them. 

The Unovent® systems always come with a Lifetime Warranty.



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