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Property managers offer P testing


Up to a third of rental properties could have evidence of meth lab contamination, a firm that tests for methamphetamine contamination says.

By Susan Edmunds

Miles Stratford, of Meth Minder, said it was hard to get firm figures but a significant number would be affected based on trends and existing data.

“If you look at West Auckland, the properties for auction at the moment, there are at least three where the Gib has been ripped off, they’re being marketed as a do-up. That strongly indicates meth lab activity.”

Auckland property managers Allen Realty has launched a new service to test and monitor the presence of methamphetamine in its rental properties.

It includes periodic testing and the option to install fixed monitoring devices.  All property managers received training to become certified meth samplers, which means they can take samples during inspections.
Simon Allen said it was not something that landlords were explicitly seeking at the moment. “But we like to think we’re a step ahead of what they’re looking for.”

He said he wanted to design a system to help landlords protect their assets.

Stratford said Allen’s company was the first to offer meth services as part of its property management packages. “We’ve provided training to a number of property managers but they haven’t formalised it into their processes.”

He said being able to show that a property wasn’t contaminated would help landlords attract better tenants and higher rent.

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Source: Landlords.co.nz

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