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HNZ to launch new Options and Advice service

Options and Advice service

Housing New Zealand is launching a pilot of an Options and Advice service in eight of its Neighbourhood Units on 12 August.

The service will mean Housing New Zealand can assist everyone that comes through its doors, rather than only those it can house.

The eight Neighbourhood Units are Whangarei, Panmure, Onehunga, Manurewa Hamilton, Manawatu, Linwood, Timaru.

The purpose of the pilot is to trial systems and processes to deliver the service before rolling it out nationwide. Any issues identified will be remedied before it is widely introduced.

How it works

We will talk to our customers about state housing, homes available in the private sector, the government services available to help with accommodation costs, and home ownership.

Customers will be taken through a 20 minute presentation that explains each option.

1. State house option

This gives customers an idea of what is involved in applying for a state house. We go over our housing needs assessment process, and explain how the waiting list works.

2. Private rental option

We explain what support there is available from Work and Income and ourselves for customers to access the private rental sector. The success of this option depends on Housing New Zealand establishing contact with private rental agencies in their area.

3. Home ownership

If the customer is interested in home ownership, we talk about products and courses on offer through Housing New Zealand.

4. Stay where they are

If they are only interested in staying where they are, we discuss how we can help them sustain their tenancy.

Private sector engagement

As noted above, the option about the private rental sector depends on our engagement with the private rental sector. We will also be working closely with Work and Income to see if private rental is a realistic option for the customer and will be advising customers on how to maintain a tenancy.


What this means for private rental agents

This opportunity is open to all local agencies in the eight pilot areas. Properties will be promoted on lists provided by private rental agents at the receptions in the eight Neighbourhood Units.

Prospective tenants will have received advice on sustaining a tenancy for example budgeting advice. Prospective tenants may also have access to redirection of benefit.


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